Product Care

How to protect my Purple Sound products better?

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your headphones operating in peak condition.

1. When connecting your headphones to a device, make certain the stereo headphone jack (plug) fitted to your Purple Sound cable is fully inserted into the device. You may only get a single channel of audio if the connection is not complete.
2. Check your headphone cable from time to time to make sure it is not cut or damaged.
3. When disconnecting the jack (plug) from a device, pull gently on the base of the headphone jack (plug) not the cable.
4. When removing the in-ear headphones, pull gently on the earpiece not the cable.
5. Carry and store your headphones safely to avoid crushing the earpieces, stretching of the cable and damage to the jack (plug).
6. Your ear tips/ear buds will need removal for cleaning from time to time. To remove, hold onto the earpiece body and gently pull the ear tip away from the ear piece until fully detached. Wash the ear tips in a mild detergent solution and ensure they are completely dry before replacing them.
7. Earpiece drive unit ports, in-line microphone, remote control unit, cable and jack (plug) should only be cleaned with a dry soft cotton bud or equivalent dry, non-abrasive cloth.