Terms of Use

Terms of use
Please read these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Terms’) carefully before using this Website. By using this Website you declare that you have taken note of the Terms and that you have accepted the Terms. If you do not accept one or more of the Terms, you should not use this Website.
1. General
This Website has been compiled by Sound Reaver Ltd., Room 07, 11th Floor, Chaiwan Ind City Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chaiwan, Hong Kong; (hereinafter referred to as ‘Purple Sound’). Sound Reaver Ltd. is the owner of Purple Sound.

2. Permitted Use
The user’s attitude and conduct must be in accordance with that which can be expected from a responsible and careful Internet user in all respects. Among other things, the user may not use the Website or the content thereof for actions and/or conduct that are against the law, the public order or common decency. In particular, the following actions and/or conduct are not permitted: (a) infringing works protected by patent, copyright, database, design protection or trademark, or any other actions that are contrary to the intellectual property rights of third parties; (b) making injurious, unlawful or misleading statements; (c) circulating material that is prohibited by law; (d) acting contrary to relevant law or international law; and (e) evading or deleting the security of the Website or a portion thereof.
The user may download only one copy of the material made available on the Website for his or her own, non-commercial use. The user may not otherwise copy, alter, distribute, circulate, ‘reverse engineer’, decompile or in any other way use, commercialise or exploit the material made available without Purple Sound’s prior written approval.

3. Trade Marks
The user is aware that the Website contains trademarks and trade names of Purple Sound. The user may not in any way cause damage to or derive unjustified advantage from the reputation of Purple Sound’s trademarks and trade names. The Website additionally contains trademarks owned by other holders and the user may not in any way cause damage to or derive unjustified advantage from the reputation of other trademarks and trade names.

4. Intellectual Property Rights
All intellectual property rights with respect to the material and the information on the Website (including photographs, illustrations, texts, figures, screensavers, software, trademarks, trade names and other information and materials) are vested solely in Purple Sound.
The user may not alter or delete trademarks or identifying marks placed on the material, and/or any indications of copyrights, trade names or other intellectual property rights, nor may the user alter or copy the material concerned or any portion thereof.

5. Liability and Indemnification
5.1. Purple Sound is not liable for the content of the Website or the content of Websites that are in any way linked to Purple Sound’s Website by means of, e.g., hyperlinks, hypertext links or ‘metatags’. Purple Sound also is not liable for damage ensuing from or in connection with the use or impossibility of using the material made available on the Website.
5.2. Purple Sound does not warrant that the material is free of errors, deficiencies or viruses, nor does Purple Sound warrant that such errors and/or deficiencies in the Website will be repaired.
5.3. The user indemnifies Purple Sound against claims from third parties in respect of breach or non-fulfillment of the Terms or against claims that are otherwise connected with or that result from the use of the Website by the user.

6. Privacy
Insofar as the user voluntarily provides Purple Sound with personal information via the Website, this takes place only with the user’s express consent. The user expressly grants Purple Sound permission to use the personal data obtained for acquisition purposes, unless the user indicates in advance that he or she does not agree thereto. Purple Sound will not make the user’s personal data available to third parties.
It is possible that certain other information that is not related to personal data will be stored on Purple Sound’s server. Such information includes, but is not limited to, the type of browser, the hardware and the domain name of the user’s service provider and is used primarily to ensure a faster and better on- line connection between Purple Sound and the user.
Purple Sound will take measures to protect the personal data obtained and other information. Purple Sound is not liable, however, for the protection of the personal data and other information that is (voluntarily) made available to it. The user is aware that by sending the personal data and other information to Purple Sound or by otherwise making it known, that can be intercepted or hacked by third parties.

7. Cookies
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8. Other
Purple Sound reserves the right to unilaterally amend or alter the Terms.
The Terms are governed by the Laws of Hong Kong.
Copyright (c) 2013 Purple Sound, Sound Reaver Limited.