We are Purple



The Story

So, there we were, sitting at an outside table in a really cool seafood restaurant in Hong Kong on a steamy, humid night, in June 2012. The beer flowed, we unwound and the talk turned from the state of the audio business to our thoughts on music.And that was that.

The discovery that we weren’t just two ‘suits’ from the consumer electronics industry, but two guys who shared a passion for music even if we didn’t share the same taste in it!
We talked about bands, about songs about gigs.

We talked about how people listen to music today, on MP3 players, tablets, phones – always connected.

We talked about how difficult it was to find in-ear headphones that actually sounded ‘right’ and were comfortable to wear and to listen through without breaking the bank.
We wrote notes on the tablecloth (which we had to buy when we left!) on how we would do it differently and better.

Then we went back to our homes and hotel rooms to sleep on it.

But we didn’t sleep. Not at all. And a year later, here we are – Purple Sound.

Ok, we admit that developing and introducing four pairs of earphones in a year might not sound like hard work, but actually, because we spent a year getting them precisely right, these four pairs of Purple Sound earphones are, in all modesty, pretty amazing – especially as they also prove that we could bring something new and better to music lovers around the world at real value for money prices.

But more important, we’re all going to keep on listening to music. Old favourites, new discoveries, music that cuts-across genres. And we’re going to sit with our consumers and resellers to talk about music, about improving our products and service and about new products you think we should be offering.

Then we’re going to a restaurant to write our ideas down on a table cloth….